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I grew up in Milan, where esthetic values are intrinsic and omnipresent. As a child, I learned to ride my bike in the Bramante cloister where Da Vinci's Last Supper is preserved. It was inevitable to gain the strong visual education now embedded in me. With an MA in environmental architecture from Politecnico di Milano and a specialization in ornamental horticulture from the

New York Botanical Garden, I merged the two practices shifting the focus from concrete-built architectural structures to the soft and alive design of the landscape. Nature is the driving force in my design, creating rooms and emotional experiences through the sapient use of plants, natural materials, and environmental values. My design approach is intended to complement the architecture while elevating the outdoor experience and enhancing the surrounding beauty. My landscape design is intended to develop for years to come, becoming a family asset for future generations.
I design outdoor spaces, whether urban countryside, or coastal.

My academic and professional experiences took me from Italy to Israel, from Hong Kong to Lisbon, and ending up in New York.
I am passionate about our natural environment, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I have been invited by venues like NYU Casa Italiana, The New York Botanical Garden, and Montclair University to share my experience and give talks about ecology and gardens.

Chiostro Santa Maria delle Grazie_edited

Bramante's Cloister - Milan


Jonathan Fargion


M:         +1-347-755-9758

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